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Whether replacing that old electric range or building your dream home, let South Florida Gas be your one stop for your complete propane installations and service. With over 140 combined service years there is no application beyond the ability of our technicians.

From the installation of your underground tank and line, to the finish adjustments on the range and fireplace, you can rely on South Florida Gas to complete the entire process. Just one call to South Florida Gas and we will coordinate your propane installation with your builder or contractor. 

South Florida Gas is a full service provider featuring propane service:

  • Gas System Repair
  • Service
  • Installations

South Florida Gas has been serving Southwest Florida’s propane needs since 1993. We provide for a large base of commercial and residential customers, from Port Charlotte to Marco Island.

South Florida Gas is:

  • Locally Operated
  • Licensed
  • State Certified
  • Fully Insured 

A full service provider offering automatic propane delivery, appliance installation, appliance repair and complete installations of above and underground systems. Our team at South Florida Gas is committed to maintaining our high quality of customer service and workmanship in all aspects of our business.

We use the highest quality materials available to assure an extended life cycle for all systems installed by South Florida Gas. Once you have experienced the ease of doing business with our team, you will understand why our best sales tool is our thousands of satisfied customers. We are very competitive without sacrificing our high quality standards and look forward to serving your propane energy needs.

Whatever generator you pick for your home it must be sized to your LP fuel tank. Contact us today so we can help find the right generator for your tank size!

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark During Hurricane Season

Tens of millions of Americans lose electrical power to their homes each year! There is no warning and you can be left with no lights, no heat, and no air conditioning. This also means you have no refrigerator, no sump pump, and no security system. A few hours without power is a nuisance. Losing power for days, weeks or even longer can be costly and downright dangerous.

A Generac automatic standby propane generator returns your home to full power within seconds, 24/7, even when you’re not at home. More convenient than a portable unit, a fully automatic standby propane generator senses an outage and begins to produce power immediately. There are no extension cords to plug in, gas tanks to fill, or switches to flip. A Generac propane generator delivers the power you need, the security and peace of mind you want.

When hurricanes strike, standby propane generators are completely automatic. This helps to ensure that your home or business remains safe from the negative and potentially harmful effects of power loss.

Important Facts About a Generator System

The generator system automatically and continuously monitors incoming power from the utility line.

When utility power is interrupted, the control system in the propane generator automatically senses the loss of power and signals the generator to start.

The automatic transfer switch safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens a new power line from the propane generator.

Your Generac propane generator supplies electricity to your main distribution panel through an automatic transfer switch. You can elect to back up selected emergency circuits or your entire electrical service.

When utility line voltage returns, the system transfers the electrical load back to the utility line. The propane generator continues to run for an engine cool-down period of several minutes and the entire system stands ready for the next power outage. To ensure the system is always ready when you need it, your propane generator will run a 10-12 minute self-test cycle every week.

Whether you are looking for contemporary, glass media burner units or traditional log set gas fireplaces to remind you of up north, South Florida Gas can help you find a good gas fireplace dealer. They will provide you with the installation and start-up of their fireplace units. There are a wide range of dealers out there, including on internet. Call us to help guide you in the right direction to make your home warmer and more beautiful.

Let South Florida Gas change out that non-efficient electric heater today. Make your family and friends comfortable when winter arrives. Nothing beats letting family and friends swim in your pool on Christmas and New Years day.

Best Pool Heater On Market, Hayward H-Series

Universal H-Series Product

Product Description
The Universal H-Series is an energy efficient, high performance, installation adaptable commitment to the pool service professional.

  • Standard cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance
  • Exclusive “Totally Managed” cupro nickel heat exchanger water flow
  • Same water velocity through all tubes for faster heating
  • Patented header by-pass design
  • Up to 18 percent savings by reducing pump run-time
  • 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing connections
  • Common union for installation or service, adapts to larger plumbing recommended for greater efficiencies
  • Low NOx emissions – meets clean air quality standards

Commercial Grade Hayward

Universal H-Series ASME Heater

Product Description
Hayward Commercial Pool’s Universal H-Series ASME gas heaters are designed and certified for commercial use. The flagship of our H-Series line encompasses high-end features and construction materials as standard. They combine industry-leading hydraulics, exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability, with planet-friendly low-NOx emissions. Flexible connection options make them ideal for new or existing applications. Choose from 250,000, and 400,000, and 500,00 BTU natural gas or propane models.

  • Patented Cupro Nickle Finn Plate™ heat exchanger with bronze header as standard
  • Independent left or right side electric, water and gas connections
  • 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC flanged connections
  • ASME pressure relief valve included as standard
  • Electronic lock-out feature prevents unauthorized access to configuration settings
  • Easy installation and service via access of single front panel
  • Easy gas valve adjustment
  • Easy dual voltage conversion with fuse-protected circuit boards
  • Texas Heater Kits Available
  • 500,00 BTU provides unprecedented speak to heat, with just 2 models delivering 1 million BTU’S while using minimal pump room space
  • New Warranty – 3 Years Parts and Labor

We Sell Only The Best

Tired of running out of hot water when you need it? Let us install a tankless water heater that will provide continuous hot water to your fixtures for an infinite amount of time. Tankless water heaters can either be mounted on the interior of your home or on the exterior providing more square footage in your garage or laundry area.

Lower Water Heating Bills – Noritz Propane Tankless Water Heater

Lower water heating bills with a Noritz propane tankless water heater, you’ll save energy and thus, money. Our on-demand systems require no pilot light and can save about half the cost of your current water heating bill. There is no re-heating of water as with traditional water heaters.

Compared to a tank water heater’s 60% efficiency, an 83%-94% energy-efficiency levels make Noritz tankless water heaters much more eco-friendly. Endless supply with more volume, not only can a propane tankless water heater provide an endless supply of hot water, it can also deliver more of it for all your hot water demands. Only Noritz offers a multi-system set-up that can link up to 24 units, which translates to 317 gallons per minute – enough for over 126 showers at once!

With this much volume, Noritz tankless propane water heaters can meet any hot water demand of today’s homes. Let our team at South Florida Gas find the perfect propane water heater for your home.

Navien makes it easy to go tankless

“We were tired of running out of hot water, high energy bills and the idea of constantly heating a big old water storage tank. That’s why we asked our contractor to install a Navien Premium Efficiency (NPE) tankless water heater. We researched the Energy Star website and found Navien on top of the energy factor list. Now we get endless hot water when we need it and we’re not heating water when we don’t.”

Service for your Tankless Water Heater

To keep your Tankless water heater running proper and to keep your warranty valid, the tankless water heaters should be flushed once a year. With the hard water of SW Florida this is a must for proper maintenance. Let us take care of that for you.

Please call our Service Department to set up an appointment today.