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Automatic delivery is an option in which we regularly monitor your propane supply levels and fill your tank automatically. In order to schedule your deliveries, we combine your usage history, temperatures and other factors to determine when your tank level drops below 50%.

This eliminates the need to call to schedule an appointment or check your tank levels. In cases of extreme weather or other emergencies, our automatic delivery customers are guaranteed to be supplied.

In participating areas, we also offer wireless tank monitors that allow you to watch your tank levels directly from your phone.

Interested in signing up for Automatic Delivery? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

The best way to know when your automatic delivery will be scheduled is to get a tank monitor, which will allow you to see when your tank is getting low. We’ll have the tank monitor information as well. If you do not have a tank monitor, we’ll get your location on the delivery schedule once our estimates show that your tank is likely below 50%. 

In addition to an established account in your name, South Florida Gas requires our customers to pass a credit check before signing up for automatic deliveries. 

Customers are given 30 days to pay for fuel that is automatically delivered. Signing up for AutoPay can help make the entire process automatic.

Signing up for Level Pay (where payments are averaged across the year) can help with budgeting deliveries.


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