SFG Auto Fill Program

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  • Never run out of propane again!
  • Automatic delivery & billing services
  • Peace of mind despite harsh weather conditions

The Auto-fill program is a cost saving program, where South Florida Gas passes savings along by discounted propane fuel prices.

As we deliver to almost every area of Southwest Florida at least once a week we are able to schedule deliveries when the truck is in your area. Based on your propane usage we setup a frequency of yearly, monthly or weekly basis and track your propane fuel consumption and are able to save time and delivery cost.

If you would like to join the Auto-fill please check Auto-fill on the agreement form sent to you or you can contact the office to setup your account. (Leased tanks will automatically be set up for the Auto Fill program).

When you are enrolled in the Auto-fill program we still encourage you to keep an eye on your propane gauge, as during power outages and stormy weather,or even guest visits,your propane consumption can change without us knowing. South Florida Gas will try to anticipate your changing usage during the winter seasons and increase frequency of propane fills but it is not a guarantee that you won’t run out.

Please inform us of any changes to yourconsumption to avoid running out of propane.

How Does Auto Fill Work?

The Auto-fill program is designed to make life easier for you. We have a computer program that looks at your history and compares with the current weather conditions. Based on this we can get reports that help us determine when to fill your tank. That way you can rest-assured your propane needs are being taken care of.

Auto Fill simply means that you no longer need to worry about checking the gauge on your propane tank and calling in to schedule a delivery. South Florida Gas will take care of monitoring your propane usage, and will route a truck to fill your tank only when you’re getting low (usually when the tank is about 20-30% full). 

We believe in over-delivering on service, not gallons!

Please note: Deliveries are not scheduled on an incremental time basis, but rather controlled by weather conditions and fuel load (the number and types of appliances that use the fuel).

Auto-fill is continuous and perpetual — this means you may receive a delivery during the off season. It also means that you will remain on Auto-fill until such time that you request a change.

If at any time you want to take yourself off or resume the Auto-fill program we require that you sign and return a “Delivery Status Change Request” form.

You may request a form by contacting our office.